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Film student Stevie Chase waits alone for her involuntary manslaughter trial to begin after her celebrity mother sends her to an isolated island to keep her out of trouble and the public eye. Few people have come off-season to the east-shore bluff, and all have reason to hide away from the world. Stevie strikes up an unlikely friendship with an older woman, Leigh, and her mysteriously ill niece, Anna, who seems to wake and sleep with the rhythm of the tides. As Stevie starts to question Anna's true identity, she becomes convinced Anna’s in danger. With no proof and no one to believe her, Stevie is determined to keep Anna safe. But as Stevie wades out of her depth, she has to decide how far she's willing to go to expose the truth. 


ECHO - Novel

Traumatized by the tragic death of a child in her care, psychotherapist Chloe Madison abandons her Manhattan practice and returns to her hometown in Vermont. She meets April, an engaging child with a unique disability: like the mythical nymph Echo, April can only speak by repeating what others say. Despite having no understanding of language, she listens to conversation the way the rest of us enjoy birdsong and talks by imitating the unintelligible words she hears. When April witnesses her father’s murder, her extraordinary talent for mimicry offers the best hope of uncovering the killer’s identity.  But first, Chloe must face the demons from her own past and reach beyond the norms of therapy to help the girl recover—and ultimately heal herself.

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(Adapted Short Story)

April 9th is a family drama set in modern-day Ireland. Two families are connected by a common love and an unknown truth. My brother Tom directs, acts, and writes in his award-winning short film, based on my short story A DATE TO REMEMBER.

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